How To Get Auto Content For Your Twitter Account

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Having a Twitter account means having something to share with others. If you want to grow your Twitter account and make it of good quality, you should create content. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you knew how to get auto content for your Twitter account?

Businesses and brands always have something to post because they sell products and services. But for individuals, creating content is hard work. You can not always produce attention-grabbing tweets. To keep in touch with your followers, tweeting regularly is a must.

When you run out of content to share Soaster is ready to help. One of the great features of Soaster is “Auto Content Support”.

What is “Auto Content Support”?

Like most Twitter users, you frequently utilize the “retweet” option for sure. When you want to spread a tweet that you like or when you just have nothing to publish, clicking on that “retweet” button saves the day.

Sometimes, finding good content to retweet is not easy. Maybe because you do not follow the right accounts or maybe because you don’t have time.

At this point, Soaster is ready to assist you. Its auto content generator for Twitter does the job for you. Soaster finds quality content from Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit relevant to your interests and publishes it on your behalf.

The only thing you have to do is specify which topics of content you want to share with your followers. This feature tweets twice a day on selected topics. We cover more than 50 topics like art, photography, design, funny, business, cryptocurrency, DIY&craft, parenting, news, science, music, celebrities and much more.

Auto-content Topics
Auto-content Topics

The main purpose of this feature is to keep up with the Twitter traffic until a certain level rather than manually posting minor tweets. This gives you the leisure to focus on your main content, and the rest will be up to Soaster.

How to Use Auto Content Feature

First, sign up for a new Soaster account. You can also choose to sign up with your Twitter, Facebook or Apple account. The next step is adding your Twitter account to Soaster.

Sign up Soaster
Sign up Soaster

After completion,

Click on “Tweet Action” button on your dasboard.  Then, select “Auto Content”.

Auto Content Generator
Auto Content

Now, choose your interests from “Area of interests”. You can add multiple topics to generate auto content. Finally click “Save Changes”.

Select Auto Content Topics
Select Auto Content Topics

Once you are done, our content generator will begin to tweet twice a day on behalf of you on each of the selected topics. It’s that easy!

How to generate content for Twitter

Now let’s visualize what this feature looks like on a timeline. Here is an example:

Photography (@Photogr00720547) is a Twitter account that shares news and updates about photography. These are their regular posts:

This account benefits Soaster’s content support. Soaster finds the following posts with its AI-based algorithm and tweets automatically on the account’s timeline:

It needs a lot of time to find these quality accounts, follow them, and retweet every day. Soaster saves a huge amount of time with its auto content generation feature. All you have to do is select your favorite topics!

Soaster keeps you active on Twitter, which is the most important thing to growing your account.

Watch how to get auto content for your Twitter account

Other automation features of Soaster

Besides “Auto Content Creation Service”  Soaster offers other automation services.

You can connect RSS feeds to your Twitter account if you want to share fresh news, articles or blogposts from any website automatically.

If you want to plan your tweets, you can schedule your Twitter posts by using Soaster.

The other automation option is the automated direct message. You can also send an auto-DM to your new followers using Soaster.

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