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The Best Twitter Accounts on Technology

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Technology is constantly changing and keeping up with the latest trends and news can be difficult. Many people who want to remain up to date on technology use Twitter. In this blog post, we will provide the best 8 Twitter accounts on technology to help you remain up to speed on the newest advances.

@TechCrunch – Breaking News and Analysis on Tech Industry

@TechCrunch is one of the leading Twitter tech accounts with over 10 million followers. It provides breaking news, analytics and insights into the tech business, covering everything from startups to established companies. The account also includes interviews with entrepreneurs and investors, making it an invaluable resource for anybody interested in the IT sector.

@WIRED – In-Depth Coverage of Technology and Culture

@WIRED is one of the best tech Twitter accounts that covers culture, science, and business as well as technology. It provides in-depth coverage of the most recent technological advancements, such as artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, and social media. In addition, this account includes gadget and product reviews, as well as interviews with industry executives and experts. The account has more than 10 million followers.

@verge – Innovative Coverage of Tech and Culture

Another well-known Twitter account that discusses both technology and culture is The Verge. It offers creative coverage of the latest technological developments, including the introduction of new products, devices and software. In-depth tech industry analysis and insightful interviews are also included in this account, making it a useful tool for both professionals and tech enthusiasts. They have 3 million followers.

@mashable – Cutting-Edge News and Analysis on Tech

Another one of the best Twitter accounts for tech news is Mashable. This popular Twitter account provides up-to-date information and commentary on the IT sector. The most recent technological advancements are completely covered, from social media to artificial intelligence. This account also includes interesting videos and visuals, making it a valuable tool for anybody trying to remain current on developments in the IT industry. The account has more than 9 million followers.

@Gizmodo – Expert Reviews and Insights on Technology

The well-known Twitter account Gizmodo provides professional opinions and analysis on the newest technological advancements. The most recent technological advancements are thoroughly covered, from cellphones to smart homes. This account is a helpful resource for anybody interested in the IT sector because it also includes entertaining videos and eye-catching visuals. The account has almost 3 million followers.

@CNET – Comprehensive Coverage of Technology and Consumer Electronics

@CNET is a popular Twitter account that covers technology and consumer electronics in depth. It offers reviews and analysis of the latest technological products and services such as mobile phones, laptops and home entertainment systems. This account also features engaging videos and images, making it a valuable resource for tech enthusiasts.

@thenextweb – News and Insights on the latest developments

TNW shares information and opinions about the tech sector. It offers thorough coverage of the most recent technological advancements and covers everything from AI to robotics. This account is a useful tool for anybody trying to remain current in the IT sector because it also includes expert analysis and in-depth reviews. The Netherlands-based account also shares the latest technological innovations and developments from Europe.

@engadget – Reviews and Insights on Gadgets and Devices

Engadget is a popular tech news Twitter account that offers reviews and insights on the latest gadgets and devices. The most recent technological advancements are completely covered, from smartphones to wearables. A useful tool for tech enthusiasts, this account also includes captivating videos and graphics.


Twitter serves as a valuable platform for those intrigued by technology, and keeping up with these profiles allows you to stay informed on the latest developments within the tech industry.

Written by top publications, experts, and business leaders, these best tech news Twitter accounts provide a wealth of knowledge and insight that can keep you informed and cutting-edge.

If you’re involved in the tech world as a developer, innovator, business owner, or technology aficionado, it’s crucial to stay current on news and developments, and Twitter serves as the perfect medium for this purpose.

You can also share the latest tech developments with your followers by retweeting these accounts’ posts. If you’d like to share tech-related posts a few times a day, you can benefit from the auto-content for Twitter option of Soaster.

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