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How To Create Attention Grabbing Tweets

Whether you are a solo entrepreneur or own a brand, Twitter is an attention game. The more attention-grabbing your tweets are, the more visible you/your brand will be to potential customers. The more attention you bring your way, the easier it would be to attract more prospects to your sales funnel. But all tweets aren’t created equal. While some will get likes, retweets, and replies, some others will simply sink into oblivion. Knowing how to create a great tweet that goes viral and can boost your reach is important. Here are 7 common types of tweets that people pay attention to:

Trending Topics

On your profile’s left side, you will find the hottest topics and discussions ruling Twitter at the moment. Tailor your tweets to use some of these trending topics along with the trending hashtags to grab eyeballs and attention.

Visual Content

Did you know 65% of humans are visual learners? Compared to text, the human brain can process visual information 60,000-times faster. This explains why tweets with relevant visuals get 94% more views. You too can make your tweets visually captivating by using high-quality, relevant images, memes, Infographics, animated GIFs, videos etc.

Fascinating and Unique Facts

Apart from firing up your audience’s imagination, such tweets make these people feel the joy of having unearthed an intriguing piece of information, which they are likely to retweet to show off their ‘discovery’ to their Twitter network. You can keep a virtual scrapbook of such interesting/unique facts and handy tips, from which you can pull up one or two to share with your audience.

Questions and Polls

As social animals, humans are always looking out for ways to reach out and engage with others. Questions get attention as they help to get conversations started and offer people a mode to connect with others. Survey type, closed questions work the best for Twitter. For a food blogger (in the dessert niche), questions like what’s your favorite Christmas dessert would work. Even polls with multiple-choice questions inviting your followers to vote upon help increase engagement and grab attention.


This is one of the most effective ways to grab attention fast. By running contests, you give people the motivation to tweet about your offerings and/or brand, since to participate in the contest, people must share a specific tweet. Your contest entries could be the ones that retweet a specific post of yours, share a hashtag/special link you’ve created, or share a testimonial of your product. You just have to ensure that all contest entries include your brand’s Twitter @username to help you track them.


Sometimes, what influencers or leaders in your niche say could give you good material to retweet. But you can do it a bit differently by adding your own opinion to their views. Just make sure to add a period before RT @TwitterHandle as this would make the information pop up in your feed and guarantee that all your readers get to see your message.

Humor and Motivation

To break the serious image and bring in a light flavor, you can resort to humorous content from time to time. Instead of using generic jokes, try to develop your own unique, albeit funny voice, which your audience can relate to. Sharing motivational quotes (under #MondayMotivation, #WednesdayWisdom etc) is another effective way to break the all-serious-business mode and grab attention.

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