5 Easy Ways To Gain Twitter Followers Speedily

With more than 330 million active users every month, Twitter has become a global powerhouse today. No wonder why brands and individuals alike are trying to extend their reach and get their tweets more attention from a global audience. By adding to your follower count, you can not only widen the reach of your tweets but even make your presence felt in the Twitterverse and establish yourself as an authority in your niche. Wondering how you can gain more followers on Twitter fast? We bring you five easy ways to do it:


Optimize your profile:

No one wants to follow an account where the Twitter egg sits pretty as the profile image and the bio says nothing or ‘hello world’ at the most. If you are guilty of doing the same on your Twitter account, make changes right away. Post a clear headshot, select an impressive header photo, and fill out your bio to tell people what you do and what your tweets would be about. Let your personality shine through your profile image and bio, and use some creativity to make them interesting and attractive.


Post regularly and frequently:

Make sure you post 3 to 7 times a day, every day, preferably at times when your existing and target audience is likely to give you optimal engagement. But since it’s not possible to sit all day in front of the computer, you should ideally schedule some of your tweets while ensuring they are relevant to your niche. In addition, have a weekly and monthly Twitter plan in place, and schedule your posts ahead of a vacation (or when you plan to take a couple of off days) to ensure your audience gets a steady stream of interesting, engaging content.


Interact and engage with your followers:

Engage with your audience actively by responding to their replies or mentions, sending them direct messages, posting questions and seeking their reaction/opinion, thanking them for retweets, running contests/polls/live chats etc. Such active engagement with your audience will build confidence and trust in you and your brand, and even bring tangible results (in the form of more sales or more newsletter signups etc) your way.


Offer value in your tweets:

Tweeting just for the sake of it, or posting boring, mundane tweets would soon bring a dip in your followers. Deliver your audience some value through your tweets, which could be a piece of news, a market trend to watch out for, a useful link or tips/tricks etc. Good, eye-catching content helps you stand out from the rest and brings comments, likes, retweets, and new followers your way.


Leverage Twitter lists:

You can curate a group of related Twitter accounts into a list to give your casual visitors an easy way to consume tweets on a variety of subjects they care about. Twitter lists can even serve as great tools to help you find people to follow and discover content to retweet. These would not only increase the visibility of your tweets but also help you gain new followers.

Using Soaster to add to your follower count fast

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