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Privacy Policy


Soaster is a social media management tool. In this Privacy Policy “we” or “us” refers to Soaster. Soaster’s policies regarding privacy, information collection and protection are listed below in detail. These policies apply to all services and products offered by Soaster. This Privacy Policy describes;

  • What kind of information we collect
  • How we use that information
  • With whom we share that information and under what cases
  • Your rights on your information
  • How we protect your information
  • Changes to Privacy Policy

Information We Collect

We collect the following types of information: Information we retrieve automatically The information retrieved automatically by the platform are device, software and operating system informations, device Ids, IP address, date and time of each action performed on Soaster. If the account is linked with a third party service, then Soaster also reaches information provided through these platforms based upon their privacy policies. Moreover, if connected to a the third party service, user also abides by their privacy policy.
Information you provide us directly
When you sign up:
To use Soaster, a user must sign up either from our web page or application downloaded on Google Play or Apple App Store. User can sign up with email address or with Twitter or Facebook or Apple account. By signing up we access your email address and Soaster register password or we access your Twitter or Facebook or Apple account username. We do not retrieve your Twitter or Facebook or Apple account passwords. The only password we keep is that one you use when you sign up Soaster with e-mail.
When you use our service:
After log in, when using Soaster you provide us:
  • Twitter account profile information (e.g. first and last name or username, profile picture, bio)

  • User content (e.g. tweets, comments, media,) that you share on Twitter.

  • Retweets and likes.

  • Area of interests (optional)

  • Language preferences (optional)

Soaster provides both free and paid services. If you choose our free plan or choose to use a paid service (e.g., Basic, Professional, or Premium Plan), the information we collect is all we mentioned above.

Soaster uses a third-party intermediary to receive payment. This intermediary is only allowed to store, retain or use your billing information to process it for Soaster. Soaster does not have access to your credit card or Paypal information.

How we use information we collect

Firstly, when acting in the capacity of a data processor, Soaster only acts on your instructions and does not control or share your personal data without direction from you. When acting in the capacity of a data controller, Soaster will adhere to the laws regarding the collection, use and retention of personal information.

Secondly, we use information we collect to customize and optimize user experience:

As a social media management tool Soaster helps users to grow their social media network. To achieve this, we mainly use profile and content information. With our Artificial Intelligence based algorithm we analyze your preferences to suggest you other Twitter accounts to follow or unfollow on a daily basis.

We use your email address to notify you about changes and updates of services, to respond to your requests, to provide you special offers, to invite you to share your thougths about Soaster web and Soaster mobile application.

With whom and under what cases we share that information

We agree not to disclose the information we collect except if compelled by law, permitted by you, or pursuant to the terms of the Soaster Privacy Policy.

We agree not to disclose the contact information we collect to third parties except if permitted by you in writing.

We share the information we collect;

  • If the user gives consent to, after informed about what will be shared with whom.

  • If there is a necessity to abide by a law, regulation or legal process. The user will be informed in such case in advance unless a law or court order orders not to do so.

  • If it is necessary to prevent imminent and serious bodily harm to a person as required by law.

  • To enable marketing, technical and analytic partners to evaluate and improve the service provided. These partners are also required to obey by the privacy policy.

  • Collective actions of a user or all users can be shared with other companies. In such case, the user(s) identifiable information will be anonymized by ID’s and such. We do not definitely share identifiable personal information.

Cookies Policy

Soaster does not use cookies when performing.

Your rights on your information

  • You may change your Plan by visiting the Soaster website or through Soaster Application and clicking on Change Plan.

  • You may cancel your Plan by visiting the Soaster website or through Soaster Application and clicking on Cancel Plan.

  • You may cancel your subscription by visiting the Soaster website or through Soaster Application and clicking on Disable.

  • Information regarding an account is retained as long as the account exists. If the account is deleted, the user will not be able to use the service but some non-identifiable information may be retained for statistical purposes.

  • You may ask us to delete/remove your personal data, object to and/or restrict use of information by sending an email to

How we protect your information

In providing you the service we shall maintain appropriate administrative, physical and technical safeguards to protect the security, confidentiality and integrity of your data and the personal data of our end-users. These safeguards include encryption of your data in transmission (using SSL {Secure Socket Layers} or similar technologies), except for external third party integrations that do not support encryption, which you may link to the service at your choice.

Changes to Privacy Policy

Some changes may be made to the privacy policy as Soaster continues to improve and advance its service. In such cases, the update will be posted on the website. If major alteration is made with regards to user rights, all users will be notified about it within and via our Twitter account @SoasterApp. Continuing to use Soaster, the user accepts the changes to the privacy policy.


If you have any questions or suggestions about the Privacy Policy, please contact us at