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9 Must Follow Animal Accounts on Twitter

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Soaster academy

If you love animals, Twitter is a terrific place to stay up to date on the latest news, photographs, and videos. There are plenty of accounts to follow if you’re interested in cute and cuddly pets, wild animals in their native settings, or the newest scientific findings on animal behavior. So here, we gathered some of the top must follow animal accounts on Twitter:


The stunning photography and insightful articles about wildlife, the natural world, and conservation that National Geographic publishes are well-known. Their Twitter account is no different; it contains lovely images and engrossing information about animals from all over the world. NatGeoWild is a must-follow for any animal lover, with over 1 million followers.


Animal Planet is a popular TV channel that showcases a wide variety of animal-related content. Their Twitter account features photos and videos from their shows as well as news and educational content about animals. With over 4 million followers, Animal Planet is a great must follow account if you’re interested in learning more about the world’s creatures.


Steve Backshall is a naturalist and adventurer who posts photos and updates from his travels around the world. His Twitter feed is full of fascinating insights into the behavior of animals in the wild, as well as breathtaking photos of exotic creatures. By following Steve, you can learn about the wonders of the natural world from a true expert.


Oceana is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to safeguard the oceans and marine life around the world. Their Twitter account posts news and updates about conservation initiatives as well as intriguing tales and images of creatures that dwell underwater. You can keep up with significant marine conservation issues and discover ways to defend our oceans by following Oceana.


Kitten Academy is a foster home for kittens that provides them with care and socialization before they are adopted. Their Twitter account posts images and updates of their adorable charges along with details on how you can adopt one for yourself. You can observe how these tiny creatures develop and prosper in a loving environment by keeping up with Kitten Academy. It’s absolutely one of the top must follow accounts on Twitter


This account is noted for its smart and amusing remarks and grades canine images on a scale of 1-10. With over 9 million followers, dog rates has become a cultural phenomenon that every dog lover should follow. Furthermore, they frequently post photographs of dogs up for adoption, making it an excellent account to follow if you’re wanting to add a furry buddy to your family.


Taronga Zoo is a world-famous zoo in Sydney, Australia. Their Twitter feed includes photographs and updates on the animals in their care, as well as news and educational information regarding wildlife conservation. You may stay up to speed on the latest activities at one of the world’s top zoos by following Taronga Zoo.


Best Friends is a nonprofit organization dedicated to saving the lives of cats and dogs in animal shelters throughout the US. They provide second chances for pets at their sanctuaries and lifesaving centers. They also expand programs nationwide that help animals remain in their homes and out of shelters. 

The organization also advocates for no-kill communities across the country and provides resources for people to volunteer, adopt, donate, and shop to support their mission. On their Twitter account, you can find information about pets who are waiting for their next home.


This account belongs to a guy named Sander from the Netherlands. You can follow this account to see cute and interesting actions by animals, from birds to tigers, dogs to pandas. The photos and videos don’t belong to the owner of the account. Buitengebieden curates content from the web and shares it with its followers. If you are a fan of funny animals, then this account is a must-follow.

Final thoughts

In addition to these accounts, there are several others on Twitter dedicated to animals. There’s bound to be an account out there that caters to your hobbies, whether you’re a fan of cats, dogs, exotic wildlife, or everything in between.

So, why should you follow animal accounts on Twitter? For starters, they offer a welcome respite from the tension and negativity of daily news feeds. Viewing photographs and videos of beautiful and cuddly animals may help lift your spirits and enhance your general well-being. So, why not follow a couple of these accounts and see how they may improve your day?

Furthermore, many Twitter animal accounts are committed to conservation and education. You can keep updated about crucial issues affecting our planet’s animals and discover how you can help make a difference by following these accounts.

Finally, if you want to share tweets automatically from some of these accounts, sign up Soaster and let it auto-post twice a day on your selected topics.  

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