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5 Ways To Build A Niche Twitter Account

Building a niche Twitter account is all about finding your niche audience, targeting them, and starting conversations with them to engage and entice, which in turn would help them bring into the fold.

At the same time, you have to post quality content to establish your authority in the chosen niche.  But it’s easier said than done. You need to have a strategy and implement the same diligently to see results.

Here are the top five ways to build your niche Twitter account with an enviable following:

Schedule your tweets:

Instead of staying tethered to your computer or phone to tweet frequently, you can schedule some of your tweets to ensure your audience gets a steady stream of useful, fun, and interesting information. However, make sure to add to your scheduled tweets by starting real conversations with your audience and answering questions posed by them. The key is to let people know you are interested in the subjects you tweet about and are available to talk about them.

Leverage Twitter search and Twitter directories:

Use the Advanced Search option of Twitter as well as Twitter directories to find influencers and key contacts, whom you can follow and connect with. An effective way is to use a combination of keywords relevant to your niche to find top accounts and tweets that match. Once you zero in on a couple of accounts, start following them and build relationships by replying, retweeting, actively participating in Twitter chats etc. As your bond with these influencers and key contacts grow, so will your own influence. This, in turn, will help in building your niche Twitter account and bringing in new followers.

Use relevant hashtags:

This is a sure fire way to attract new followers who are searching for information using those hashtags. From building awareness for your account to helping you reach the target audience and establish your credibility in your chosen niche, use of relevant hashtags will make it all happen.

Link your Twitter account to other networks:

Promote your Twitter account on other social networks where you already have a strong presence to encourage those fans and followers to click the ‘follow’ button beside your Twitter handle. Don’t let your Twitter account stay in oblivion. Link it to your account on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit etc to convert a section of your audience on those platforms into your Twitter followers and thus, build a niche account.

Track your follower growth:

There are several free and paid Twitter analytics tools that help you track your follower growth. Use such a tool to analyze the breakout of your followers by bio, location, language, when they engage the most with your tweets etc to tweak your plans, if needed, in order to add more followers into the fold.

Building a niche Twitter account with Soaster

Building a niche Twitter account is a time-consuming affair that takes a lot of effort. You can make the journey easier by letting Soaster do the legwork for you. From boosting organic network growth and optimizing account engagement to analyzing and tracking audience, it can do a lot to help you achieve your goal. Test Soaster for free for a month to see how effective it really is in helping you build a niche Twitter account.

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