4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Plan To Buy Twitter Followers?

Have you ever planned to buy Twitter followers? To be honest, if you don’t want to waste your money, you shouldn’t.

Twitter is often posed as a platform where the number of followers matters the most. But all metrics aren’t the same. Just consider this: What’s more important – having 20,000 followers, or 200 who will actively engage with you? If you know the difference, you would surely go for the latter.

Sadly, many just see the huge number and get lured by it. And in their quest to give their number of followers a boost, they end up buying bot followers (not real, organic followers). This, in turn, does more harm than good for these Twitter account holders. If you too are considering buying Twitter followers, chuck the idea right away. If you still aren’t convinced, here are four reasons why you shouldn’t go down this path:


Low engagement: When you are buying Twitter followers, you aren’t actually buying real, organic followers who will engage in Twitter activities such as commenting, liking, and retweeting your posts. Rather, you are buying bot followers or fake followers who won’t have any meaningful engagement with you.


A blotch on your reputation and integrity: Buying followers often makes you look like someone who doesn’t want to put in the effort necessary for getting real followers and instead, uses dodgy means. It would surely look suspicious to your existing followers when your meager follower count of 20 suddenly surges to 20,000 within a couple of days without any apparent reason. Apart from making people suspicious, it would also put a big blotch on your reputation and integrity, which you might have painstakingly built until that point of time.


Irritating existing followers with spam: Some cheap and dubious Twitter follower services often ask you to authorize them to update your profile, see who you follow, follow new people on your behalf, post tweets for you, send direct (or multiple) messages to your followers etc, which they claim are surefire ways of increasing your number of followers. However, giving them such authorization would let them have a field day spamming your existing followers, many of whom may feel irritated and unfollow you as a result.


The risk associated with being found out: There are quite a few tools online that let people analyze your followers to find how many of them are fake. Though reputed companies aren’t likely to do this, individuals or your competitors may take the time out to either use these tools or manually evaluate your follower base. And in either case, they can gather adequate evidence to suggest how a sizable proportion of your virtual admirers are fake and bot followers, a far cry from genuinely gained real, organic followers. And this risk of being found out should act as yet another reason for staying away from buying followers.

Getting organic followers with Soaster

These reasons alone are enough to convince you that you shouldn’t buy Twitter followers. As mentioned above, gaining real and organic followers matters on Twitter. You can use Soaster to get in touch with real users who have similar interests to you. You can test it out for free for a month to check how effective its AI-powered algorithm is in bringing a static increase and growth in both your suggested audience quantity and quality.

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