5 Easy Ways To Get Organic Twitter Followers

As businesses have moved to people-centric marketing from brand-centric marketing over the past few years, Twitter has become more relevant than ever before. But if you don’t have a hefty following on Twitter, you won’t be able to leverage this platform for business. Even if you aren’t a business owner, having your own army of engaged, organic Twitter followers would make you a voice to reckon with. In case you could become an influencer and persuade others with your extended reach and authentic voice, it could bring some great earning opportunities your way as well. Here are five ways to bring in more organic followers to the fold:


Narrow down your niche:

Instead of addressing all and sundry, create a niche account when you start. Establish yourself as an authority in a particular niche and address a targeted, active and engaged group of users. From there, you can build on your existing relationships and add more organic followers either by showcasing your niche expertise or by leveraging the reach of your existing followers.


Make your tweets optimized for your niche:

Use relevant hashtags and tweet frequently, especially during the times when your target audience is active, to attract their attention and get more mentions and retweets. The more attention your optimized tweets get, the more chances you’ll have of adding new followers to the fold.


Tweet frequently:

Some studies have shown three to seven tweets per day to be the sweet spot for getting maximum engagement on Twitter. Make sure to create, curate and retweet content to ensure you post a number of tweets each day. Make your tweet content as varied as is possible but make sure it’s relevant. Seek opinions, ask questions, spark conversations, run contests, or take polls, which will not only excite and engage your followers but even incite others to hit the ‘follow’ button.


Make reciprocation a habit:

Say ‘thank you’ to people who reply to your tweet, like it, or retweet it. When someone follows you, check his/her profile and follow them back, if you can. You may even mention leaders in your niche, celebrities or influencers in your tweets (when praising their action, a book/movie/event, or a quote that inspires you), and if they retweet it, you could get a huge exposure to their network and may even get a few organic followers in the process.


Make sure your content follows the 80/20 rule:

Don’t forget the cardinal rule of social media that says 80% of your posts should entertain, educate, and inform your audience, while just 20% should promote your brand or business directly. Since creating 80% of original content is a huge task, you can make it easier by curating content posted by others that are relevant to your audience.

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