How To Make People Follow Your Twitter Account

Gaining followers on Twitter isn’t just about posting funny tweets or being consistent with your posting schedule. What you need is to understand the driving force making people follow others, and how you can tap into some specific demographics that suit your goals and style of content. Instead of taking the trial-and-error method, you should understand some key reasons why people follow others , as that would help you to fine-tune your content and encourage people into clicking that ‘Follow’ button displayed on your Twitter account.

Let’s take a closer look at the five key reasons that make Twitter users (and probably even you) follow others on the same platform:

Keep a close tab on celebrities:

Thanks to their real-world reputation, what celebrities say and do grabs a lot of eyeballs. From mundane to controversial and even outright offensive, posts from celebrities have a lot of takers.

Learn from experts:

Self-proclaimed gurus to experts in specific niches, people can learn a lot in their domains by following these Twitter accounts. For instance, if you are interested in social media marketing or online marketing, you can pick up useful tips by following Social Media Examiner (@S_M_Examiner) and Neil Patel (@neilpatel) respectively.

Expand your network:

Be it people from diverse backgrounds having different expertise and perspectives, or new and interesting people in one’s niche, following them on Twitter would help you to expand your network. Some may even take these online relationships to in-person modes by meeting their contacts in seminars, trade meets, workshops etc to create a win-win situation for both parties involved.

Extension of real-world relationships:

A majority of accounts that Twitter users follow are extensions of their personal and professional relationships. Though these followers (like your siblings, spouse/partner, parents, friends, neighbors, colleagues etc) may seem insignificant, they are nevertheless the first steps to give your Twitter account some legitimacy.

Similar interests/domains of operation:

Just like real-world friendships and acquaintances, online relations too often develop from shared love, familiarity and/or interest for something. Despite being time-consuming, this is an effective way to get highly engaged followers.

Smart Ways to Leverage These Reasons

Getting high-quality, organic Twitter followers is a big chore that takes a lot of time and effort. Though you can get paid followers in a jiffy, they won’t be as engaging as your organic followers who take time to participate in Twitter activities such as commenting, liking, retweeting your posts etc. Wondering what’s the solution then? Simple – let Soaster do the legwork for you.

Suitable for everyone – from social media novices to the seasoned pros, Soaster brings an optimized and simplified way to give your Twitter account a big boost in terms of usage, analysis, and engagement. From helping you analyze your account activities with user-friendly and clear graphics to reaching other users sharing similar interests, and finding organic users for you to increase your follower number, Soaster can do it all and more.

Getting more people to follow you on Twitter surely can’t get easier and faster than this!

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