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How To Automatically Tweet Videos From Your YouTube Channel

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Are you a Youtuber and don’t know how to automatically tweet videos from your Youtube channel? This article is just for you. Within a couple of minutes, not just yours, you will be able to link any Youtube channel to Twitter.

Follow these steps:

#1 Get the channel ID

Go to your Youtube channel.

In the browser bar, you will see your channel’s URL. Copy the underlined part of the link after “/“, as in the example below.

This is your channel’s ID.

Automatically tweet videos from your Youtube channel

#2 Get the RSS feed URL

Copy and paste the link below in your browser.

After “=” add your channels’s ID and press Enter.

Now you have your Youtube channel’s RSS feed URL.

#3 Create a Soaster account

If you don’t have an account, sign up Soaster.

#4 Go to RSS Messages

On your dashboard click “Tweet Actions”, then “RSS Messages”.

#5 Link the RSS feed to your account

Click “Add RSS Feed”.

Copy the URL you got at step #2 and paste it where it says “Enter URL“.

Define the time period for posting videos from your channel automatically.

Tweet Youtube videos automatically

#6 Automatically tweet videos

Click “Add” and you’re done!

Soaster will automatically tweet videos from your Youtube channel within the interval you defined.

You don’t need to share your Youtube videos one by one manually anymore.

Following the same process, you can link any Youtube channel to Twitter provided that you have the RSS feed URL of the channel.

Besides a Youtube channel, you can also connect any website to your Twitter account with Soaster. If you have a blog, once you have your blog’s feed, it’s super easy to tweet your blog posts automatically.

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