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How To Avoid Getting Suspended On Twitter

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Soaster academy

Twitter users have a common goal: gaining followers. But some of them violate Twitter rules when using their accounts. In particular, beginners easily break those rules without knowing. If you want to manage your account safely, you’d better know how to avoid getting suspended on Twitter.

Twitter has technical limits to prevent spam and manipulative behaviour. Below, we will mention some of these rules to comply with. We recommend our users keep in mind the following guidelines to protect their Twitter accounts from being restricted or suspended.

#1 To start gaining followers, you should follow others. But;

DO NOT follow a large number of accounts in a short period of time.

In other words; DO NOT follow too many accounts too quickly.

#2 If people do not follow you back, DO NOT unfollow them in a short period of time.

#3 DO NOT follow or unfollow unrelated accounts.

That means, DO NOT click that “Follow” or “Unfollow” button one after the other.

#4 DO NOT use applications that claim to add followers automatically. Twitter detects this as abusive behavior. So, don’t buy followers.

#5 Soaster DOES NOT add followers to your account automatically. Soaster brings you “who to follow” suggestions related to your hobbies and interestsYou decide whether to follow them or not. We primarily aim to protect your account.

#6 You CAN NOT get too many followers on a daily basis. This is not organic. Gaining followers and converting them into a loyal audience takes time and requires patience.

Avoid Twitter Suspension
Avoid Twitter Suspension

How to avoid Twitter suspension with Soaster

We’ve noticed that some of our users want to gain followers too quickly. For this purpose, they follow and unfollow a bunch of Twitter accounts and send out lots of likes and retweets. Twitter does not allow such acts, and the result is suspension.

If you pick up some accounts to follow from the “Recommended Follows” section, give them a couple of days to follow you back. Then, you can go to “Following Engagements” and see which of them did not follow you back under the “Unfollowers” title. If you wish, you can unfollow them.

Soaster recommends you 20 users every day. If you decide to follow them all, we’ll follow them at some intervals in compliance with Twitter rules. You can also follow people on your Twitter account, but remember the rules mentioned above.

Only by going down this path can you manage your account safely and increase your follower count in an organic way. When you learn how to not get suspended on Twitter, you can stay active on the platform and continue to connect with your followers without losing some of them.

To learn more about Twitter rules, you can read here:

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