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The ultimate guide to using Twitter bookmarks

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Twitter has a lot of information, making it challenging to track what interests you. You can save tweets and other content that you want to read again later using Twitter’s bookmarks feature. We will go over what Twitter bookmarks are, how they operate, and their advantages in this blog post. Additionally, we’ll look at how to locate and access your bookmarks and discuss whether bookmarks are public or private. So let’s get started and discover advantages of using Twitter bookmarks effectively.

How to “bookmark” a tweet

You can save tweets for later viewing with the help of the useful feature known as Twitter Bookmarks. As a Twitter user, you can add a tweet to a private list that only you can see bookmarked tweets. 

This indicates that the tweet is private and accessible just by yourself whenever you want.

To bookmark a tweet, first you need to click the share icon beneath a tweet.

bookmark a tweet

Then, choose “Bookmark” in order to save a tweet. 

You can also add a tweet to your bookmarks by tapping the “Share Tweet via” option on your mobile device and choosing that option. 

How to Access Your Twitter Bookmarks

Twitter bookmarks can be a convenient way to save tweets that you want to come back to later. 

Here are the steps to accessing your bookmarks:

1.Open Twitter and go to your profile.

    2.From the menu select “Bookmarks

    3.Here, you will see all of the tweets that you have saved. You can scroll through your bookmarks to find the tweet you want to access.

    4.Click on the tweet to open it. You can then interact with the tweet just like you would any other tweet on Twitter. You can like, retweet, or reply to the tweet.

    5.To remove a bookmark, simply click on the bookmark icon again to remove the tweet from your bookmark.

    remove a tweet from bookmarks

    Can I delete all Twitter bookmarks?

    Yes, you can clear all your Twitter bookmarks with just one click.

    Go to “Bookmarks”, click on the three dots at the top right and let them go!

    delete all previous bookmarks

    Bookmark tweets in folders

    Twitter also allows you to cluster your bookmarks. But this option is only available to Twitter Blue subscribers.

    If you have a blue checkmark, then go to “Bookmarks” and you will see the following page.

    create a bookmark folder

    By clicking “New folder” or the plus sign at the top right you can create a new folder to group bookmarks. 

    Give a name to your new folder. And here is your new bookmark folder.

    If you want to add a previous bookmarked tweet or a new one to your new folder, click again on the share icon. Tap or click on “Bookmark to Folder” and select a folder. Now, it’s added to a bookmark folder. 

    You can create several folders and bookmark tweets according to their topics.

    create multiple bookmark folders

    The Benefits of Using Twitter Bookmarks

    Twitter bookmarks are a useful resource that can be very advantageous for users. The following are some advantages of using Twitter bookmarks:

    Save Tweets for Later: Bookmarks let users save tweets for later reading rather than having to search through their feed or try to recall a specific tweet. This is particularly useful if a tweet contains a link to a piece of writing, a video, or other content that you want to read later or watch later.

    Organize Content: Twitter bookmarks make it simple to group articles by topic or category. To organize their bookmarks according to their interests or jobs, users can create numerous bookmark folders.

    Quick and Easy Access to Important Tweets: Instead of wasting time searching for important tweets, you can quickly and easily access them with bookmarks. Besides, if you have a Twitter Blue subscription and have created bookmark folders, you don’t have to scroll all the way down.

    Are Twitter Bookmarks Private?

    Yes! Since Twitter bookmarks are private, only you can see the tweets that you have saved. Your bookmarks are not visible to your followers or anyone else on the platform, unlike Twitter likes or retweets. 

    You can’t hide your Twitter likes from the public unless your account is private. However, using Twitter bookmarks allows you to save tweets you like without anyone knowing.

    You will also not worry about alerting others to your interests or preferences.

    The original tweet or content that you bookmarked might be public, even though your bookmarks are private. So, if someone wanted to view the original tweet or content, they could do so by clicking on the link. 

    It’s important to note that Twitter may use your bookmark information for internal purposes or to personalize recommendations. However, this data is kept private and is only employed to improve your Twitter experience.

    In conclusion, only you can see your private Twitter bookmarks. You can save content without being concerned that your followers or other platform users will see it. When bookmarking content, it’s crucial to keep in mind that the original tweet or piece of content might still be accessible to the general public.


    In conclusion, Twitter bookmarks are a useful tool that allows you to save and share tweets for later use. Using Twitter bookmarks will help you organize your feed and prevent you from missing important tweets or links. In addition, bookmark privacy settings ensure that only you can view saved content. Start learning about bookmarks immediately to maximize this useful tool.

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