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11 Must Follow History Accounts on Twitter

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Twitter is a great place for history buffs to follow the latest historical findings, commentary and news. From prominent historians to museums and archives, there are innumerable Twitter accounts dedicated to giving unique insights into the past. We’ve brought together for you the best history accounts on Twitter to follow.

@HistoryExtra – History Extra

History Extra is the official Twitter account of BBC History Magazine, with over 360k followers. Their tweets vary from ancient civilizations to present happenings, and they include links to articles, podcasts, and movies. This account is especially valuable for people interested in British history, as fresh stuff is added on a regular basis.

@SmithsonianMag – Smithsonian Magazine

Smithsonian Magazine is known for covering science, history, culture and the arts. Their Twitter feed is filled with intriguing stuff about historical events and personalities, such as interviews, essays, and archival photos. Anyone interested in American history and the scientific sciences may find the narrative particularly instructive.

@ExploreWellcome – Wellcome Collection

The Wellcome Collection is a London museum dedicated to the history of medicine and health. Their Twitter feed provides insights into their exhibitions and archives, as well as intriguing medical history and scientific nuggets. This account is especially relevant for people interested in medical history and the junction between science and culture.


JSTOR is a digital library where you can access books, magazines and other primary resources. Their Twitter feed provides news and updates about its resources and collections, as well as important historical research articles and concepts. This account is crucial for academics and researchers, but it is also a fantastic tool for everyone who is interested in history.

@britishmuseum – The British Museum

The British Museum, renowned around the globe, is home to an unprecedented accumulation of archaeological items and masterpieces from all corners of the earth.

Their Twitter feed provides unique insights into its collections as well as information about upcoming exhibits and activities. This account is especially beneficial for people interested in international history and culture, and it gives a look inside the museum’s remarkable items.

@USNatArchives – National Archives

The official repository of documents and records of the US government is the National Archives. Their Twitter account posts news and updates about their resources and collections as well as fascinating insights into American history. This account offers insight into the inner workings of governments throughout history and is especially helpful for those interested in American history and government.

@HistoryInPics – History in Pictures

Another one of the best history accounts on Twitter is History in Pictures. The popular account posts old photos and footage of historical figures and events. With pictures ranging from historical landmarks to uncommon glimmers of daily life, their tweets offer an intriguing look into the past. This account offers a distinctive viewpoint on the people and events that have shaped our world and is especially helpful for those interested in visual history.

@TheHistoryPress – The History Press

The History Press is a history-focused publisher. Their Twitter account posts intriguing articles, book recommendations, and historical nuggets ranging from local history to global happenings. This account is especially valuable for book enthusiasts and people interested in learning more about history.


The cable television channel HISTORY specializes in historical programming. On their Twitter page, they post updates on their programs and documentaries along with interesting historical details and happenings. This account offers a distinctive viewpoint on historical events and figures and is especially helpful for those interested in visual history.

@Medievalists – is a website dedicated to all aspects of the medieval period, from history to literature to art. Their Twitter account posts intriguing medieval studies articles and thoughts, as well as news and updates on their resources and activities. This account is especially useful for people interested in medieval times and contains plenty of information and tools for scholars and enthusiasts alike.

@ihr_history – Institute of Historical Research

A research facility at the University of London dedicated to the study of history is called the Institute of Historical Research. They post intriguing historical research-related articles and insights on Twitter, along with news and updates regarding their events and resources. This account is a valuable tool for anyone curious about history, but academics and researchers will find it to be especially helpful.


Twitter is a historical knowledge goldmine, with innumerable accounts dedicated to providing historical insights. If you’re interested in British history, American history, or world history, there’s a Twitter account for you. Above, we gathered a fantastic list of history accounts on Twitter. Following the accounts on this list will allow you to remain up to speed on the most recent historical discoveries, analyses, and news, as well as get a greater appreciation for the events and individuals that have influenced our world.

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