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How to Hide the Accounts You Follow on Twitter 

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Hide accounts you follow

In today’s world, social media plays a significant role in our everyday lives. Take Twitter, for instance, which has transformed into a space where diverse people can express their thoughts, participate in conversations, and remain informed about the latest events. However, as our social media presence becomes more visible, it’s crucial to maintain our privacy and have more control over the content we share. In this article, we’ll explore the reasons why you may want to hide the accounts you follow on Twitter and the steps to do that.

Hide Who You Follow on Twitter

You can make your Twitter “following” list private easily if you choose. 

To modify your privacy settings, navigate to your profile and select the “Settings and privacy” tab.

Select the “Privacy and safety” section. Then click “Audience and tagging”. 

Here you can make your account private. From now on, your account will not be public. Just your followers will be able to see your “following” and “followers” list.

make your Twitter account private

Why Would You Want to Hide Who You Follow on Twitter?

There are many reasons why you might want to hide the accounts you follow on Twitter.

You may opt to hide the accounts you follow for security or privacy reasons. This may be due to the fact that you just don’t want others to know who or what you follow.

Some Twitter users may attempt to conceal their followers’ names in order to avoid unfavourable repercussions for their professional status. For example, a public figure may prefer that their followers be unaware that they follow potentially contentious or unprofessional accounts.

Use “block” option to hide who you follow

If you would like to hide who you follow to a specific person or multiple persons, then what you need to do is just go to their accounts. On the profile page, click or tab the three dots and block the account that you would like to hide your following list from.

Remember that if your account is not private, the account(s) you blocked will still be able to see your following tab using a fake account. So, as long as your account is public, every Twitter user can see who you follow and who your followers are one way or another way. If you want to hide who you follow totally, the best action would be making your account private like we showed above. 

Hide who you follow by using “Lists”

The other and effective solution to follow accounts privately is using Twitter Lists. You can make a list of accounts that you want to follow. When you make the list private, then no one can access your list and see the accounts you are following.

The other advantage of using lists is customizing your Twitter feed. By default, Twitter shows you two tabs on your home timeline; “For you” and “Following”. To track the accounts you added on a specific list on your home feed you can use this option.

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