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How To Detect Fake Twitter Accounts You Follow

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Soaster academy

Detect fake Twitter accounts with Soaster

Regularly monitoring your Twitter account’s performance is crucial. You can see how you are doing on Twitter by checking your engagement with other accounts. Most probably, you’d like to learn more about the people you connect with. If so, you should periodically check fake Twitter followers and the accounts you are following.

One of the ways that is widely used on Twitter to gain followers  is reciprocal following. Many Twitter users follow too many accounts, but after a while, they forget why they were following some of them. Perhaps you are one of them.

Some of the accounts that you follow for the sake of getting a follow back might not even have tweeted once. How would you know this? Tracking all the accounts gets more difficult as your following list grows. The majority of these accounts are obviously fake. They are not created to add value to the platform but rather to spam people.

Unaware of it, you might be following such accounts that are potentially fake or spam Twitter accounts. Since you no longer need to follow those accounts, you can remove them from your following list.

How to find out fake twitter accounts

You cannot detect fake Twitter accounts by manually going through your following list. It would really be exhausting and time-consuming. You need a Twitter management tool to track fake accounts.

Soaster has a handy fake Twitter account checker tool. Soaster’s “Following Analysis” option thoroughly examines the accounts you’re following and lists fake accounts. With a few clicks, you can regularly check if you are following fake accounts. To unfollow fake accounts that you follow, just click on them and unfollow.

By repeating this regularly, you will keep your list safe and active. Detecting fake Twitter accounts and purging them will decrease the number of accounts you follow. Even if such accounts still follow you, do not hesitate to unfollow them. They don’t add value to your Twitter account.

To avoid this process, the best thing to do is detect fake accounts before following them. If you know how to spot a bot or fake account that follows you, you will not follow it back. So when an account follows you on Twitter, take a quick look at its profile to decide whether to follow it or not.

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