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The Top 5 X/Twitter Accounts Every Fashion Lover Should Follow

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Soaster academy

This blog post will go through the top fashion X/Twitter accounts that any fashion fan should follow. X has become increasingly popular among fashion-lovers, designers and bloggers, who use it to promote their views, opinions and current fashion news to an international audience. Let’s get started by looking at some of the greatest fashion X/Twitter accounts to follow.

@Fashionista_com –

If you’re interested in fashion and beauty, you should check out’s X account. They offer a unique perspective on culture, celebrity, commerce, and careers through a digital fashion and beauty lens.

As a trusted source of fashion news, criticism, and career advice, they have more than 2.5 million monthly readers and are considered one of the most influential voices covering fashion

They cover everything from the latest trends to industry insights and are followed by some of the most influential people in fashion. Follow this colorful X account to stay up-to-date on all things fashion and beauty!

X fashion account fashionista.

@BoF – Business of Fashion

One of the most reputable sources of fashion news and insights on X is Business of Fashion. BoF covers everything from the newest fashion trends to industry business news on X, where it has amassed over 2 million followers. 

They also publish a newsletter that informs subscribers of the most recent fashion-related news and events.

@TheCut – The Cut

The Cut is a popular fashion and lifestyle blog owned by New York Magazine. They cover everything from beauty to style to politics. With over 1.4 million followers, The Cut provides its followers with the latest fashion news, beauty tips, and style trends. They also have a podcast that is a must-listen for fashion lovers.

@voguemagazine – Vogue Magazine

Vogue is one of the more renowned fashion magazines on a global scale. They have over 11 million X/Twitter followers and supply them with the latest fashion news, style trends, and beauty suggestions. 

They also contain designer and celebrity interviews, making it a must-follow for anybody interested in the world of fashion.


This source of information is a favorite among fashion lovers due to its frequent posts about new initiatives, products, and interviews with influential people from within the fashion scene. 

NET-A-PORTER shares curated content from various designers and brands, offering its followers a glimpse into the latest fashion collections. 

The account also features behind-the-scenes photos and exclusive interviews with fashion icons, providing valuable insights into the world of luxury fashion.


Finally, fashion accounts on X/Twitter offer a plethora of information for fashion enthusiasts, designers, and industry experts. You may communicate with other professionals in the field and remain up to date on the most recent fashion news, trends, and opinions by following these accounts. 

What are you waiting for then? Begin following these X/Twitter accounts to immerse yourself in the thrilling world of fashion!

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