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Mastering the Art of Creating Shareable Content

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If your audience likes your content, they will share, like, and comment on it. On social media platforms and blogs, this is a common trend. It does not matter what form of content it is – blog, infographic, video, etc., creating shareable content is what every creator aims for.

It’s not an easy task though because creating compelling content requires expertise. It involves various steps and at every step, there are hacks that creators need to master. Once it is ready and uploaded, the response from the audience is a clear indicator of how good it is. Considering this, let’s discuss in detail how you can create shareable content.

Use share-worthy visuals

High-quality visuals help you capture the attention the moment your audience comes across it. For this, you could use infographics, bar graphs, charts, photos, or professionally-designed text layouts. You could also use smart CTAs to get the clicks from your audience and redirect them where you want to.

A good understanding of creating stunning visuals is just one part of the process. To make visuals that stand out, you need to work closely with your team, especially the designers. Sharing your input with them means there will be a lot of file sharing through different channels. During this process be sure to maintain the quality of the images. If your designer needs the image in another format like JPG or JPEG, learn how to convert PNG to JPG format. Using the right image format, you will be able to share images without any loss of quality, and at the end, your audience will see high-quality images.

Look for trending topics

The content requirement from users changes fast, sometimes within minutes. This means you need to have a deep understanding of what’s in trend. Based on this, create content that mixes up well with the current trends or latest news/events. Staying current means you will be able to provide the most relevant content to your audience.

Offer solutions and ideas

It’s a known fact that users are more likely to share content that provides them solutions to some problem or adds value to their daily lives. Your focus should be on creating content that is informative and insightful. Show your expertise in some specific field and let your audience feel that you have what they want.

Promote a positive sentiment

The tone of your content should always be positive and inspiring. The audience does not want content that comes with a tone that does not fit the general mood well. Success stories and inspirational quotes are two great examples of content that has always been the hot favorite of the users.

Put the focus on brand authenticity

Your brand should portray a unique voice and perspective. Instead of sounding boring or redundant, focus on authenticity. Make every effort to promote trust. This builds a lasting connection and helps in building a higher content engagement level.

Boost engagement through interaction

Mix up ideas to come up with interesting and trendy polls, quizzes, or funky one-liners. This will make the users feel involved in the content and they would want to involve others too in it. This means a high shareability for your content. Everybody loves intriguing things and also trivia posts so make optimum use of this evergreen way of engaging the users, whether you run a blog or a social media handle.

Meticulous editing and proofreading

Creating errors in writing or using poor editing in photos and videos is the last thing you would want to happen to your online marketing efforts. Whether it’s new users or your loyal fans, they will view the post as unprofessional and worth skipping.

To avoid this from happening, focus on creating error-free and polished. Edit them professionally and if possible, seek help from someone who is an expert in spotting out mistakes and fixing them.

Use online tools

With so many tools available for every key thing you want in your posts to make them shareable, not using one would be a serious mistake. Moz for trendy content ideas, Semrush and Ahrefs for topic ideas and keywords, Grammarly for editing, Canva for designing photos, Veed for editing videos, etc., there’s so much to choose from.

With such tools and others like Later and Buffer to make posting work easier, your content will definitely be worth sharing with the audience.


For content creators and digital marketers, there can’t be a bigger happiness than seeing their content become successful. When the audience likes the content, they are automatically compelled to share it on their timelines or send it as direct messages to their friends and families.

As discussed here in the above points, creating shareable content on social media and blogs is easy if you follow every step diligently. It takes time to master this but your consistent effort will ensure that the audience is captivated by what you post. They will automatically feel like sharing, liking, re-tweeting, or commenting on it.

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