Having multiple Twitter accounts is common among users of this platform. In particular, digital marketing agencies and social media agencies manage several Twitter accounts. Also individuals may prefer to share from multiple accounts, such as one for their job and another for their hobbies.

Whatever the reason, managing multiple accounts seamlessly is difficult. Twitter allows you to add up to five accounts in one login session. But what if you need to manage more than five? Then you will have to log in and out continuously.

Soaster provides you with a user-friendly option to deal with this tedious task. You can manage several Twitter accounts with Soaster.

It is so simple;

If you are already a member, on your dashboard click “Add Twitter Account” then connect your other account to Soaster.

Add Multiple Accounts

You can add as many accounts as you wish using the same process. Thus, you will be able to manage all your accounts from one dashboard.

At the top right corner of the page, by clicking “Manage Accounts”, you can see all of your accounts connected and change your Soaster plan whenever you want.

Change Plan

After adding all your accounts, you must set your preferences for each of them separately. For each account, define interest areas and acceptable languages so that our AI algorithm can crawl Twitter users and bring the most relevant ones in front of you. This process is important since the more you engage with people who have similar interests, the more you can expand your network in an organic way.

From this single dashboard, for each account, you can also plan the posts for the upcoming days, track the account’s growth, analyze the interaction with followers and followings, remove previous tweets, and much more.