Sometimes you change your mind, your choices, or your way of life and may want to eliminate something you shared on Twitter in the past. Sometimes you may like or retweet a post that embarrasses you later or does harm to your brand’s reputation, and you can’t find that post. In such a situation, you should know how to delete your old tweets and likes.

It takes time to find and remove a past tweet. Most of the time, you do not remember when you posted it. Maybe you may want to search for a specific word or username, but among too many tweets, it is really hard to find it.

With Soaster, you can easily search your Twitter history and get rid of unwanted tweets, retweets, or likes.

Delete An Old Tweet, Retweet and Unlike A Like

First, sign up for a new Soaster account. You can also choose to sign up with your Twitter, Facebook or Apple account. The next step is adding your Twitter account to Soaster.

Sign up soaster

After completion,

Click on “Delete Tweets” button on your dasboard.

Delete Tweets, Likes and Retweets
Delete Tweets, Likes and Retweets

Here you have three options. You can delete your;

  • tweets,
  • likes,
  • retweets.

For each option by using “Search tweets” at the right side, you can type a keyword, a username, a hashtag or a date to find what you want to delete.

Search Old Tweets, Likes and Retweets
Search Old Tweets, Likes and Retweets

Once you do the search, Soaster lists the results. From the list, you can pick up unwanted tweets, retweets, or likes and wipe them out. To avoid eliminating something you may want to preserve, we recommend you click on the “Preview” button before you delete it. Here is an example search:

Example Search

You can also sort the results by message content (in alphabetical order), by date, or by the number of retweets or likes. By sorting results by date, it is easier to delete tweets, RTs, and likes before or after a specific time.

How to mass delete

Another option is deleting in bulk. At the top-left of the page, you can choose the entry number to be listed (from 10 to 50). If you want to mass delete, choose “Show All“. All of your tweets, likes, or retweets are listed in seconds. Check the box at the top, click “Delete Selected Tweets / Likes / Retweets” and it’s all gone!

Mass Delete your Twitter History
Mass Delete

Due to the Twitter rate limit, when you choose “Show All”, the very last 3200 records are requested. If you’d like to delete more than 3200 entries, you should repeat this process.