One of the key points of expanding your Twitter community is your followers’ contentment. When somebody follows you, it could be nice of you to send a direct message (DM) thanking that person. A welcome message may help you build a good relationship with your audience.

You can also inform every new follower about your account. Whether you are offering a service or product, a brief message could be useful. Maybe you are providing an online course or an e-book. With the auto-DM option, you can share relevant links with each of your new followers. This saves you a huge amount of time.

How to send an Auto DM to a New Follower

First, sign up for a new Soaster account. You can also choose to sign up with your Twitter, Facebook or Apple account. The next step is adding your Twitter account to Soaster.


After completion,

Click on “Settings” button. At the bottom of the page fill the “DM Message” section.

Auto Direct Message

Do not forget to check “Use DM Message”. Then click “Save Changes”. Now Soaster is ready to send an automatic message to each of your new followers.

More automation features

Sending automated direct messages is just one of the automation services that Soaster provides.

If you want to publish fresh news, articles or blogposts from any website automatically, you can connect RSS feeds to your Twitter account.

Maybe you want to plan your upcoming tweets. If so, you can schedule your Twitter posts by using Soaster.

The other automation option is auto content support. Soaster finds and publishes quality content from Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit that is relevant to your interests.