Even if you are new to social media, Soaster is an efficient and simple way to boost your Twitter account. You can easily expand your social media network with Soaster as it allows you to connect with people who share similar interests and grow your audience organically.

Soaster can help you save time and energy while gaining followers in your niche. Simply put, Soaster is a tool that helps you get more from Twitter. Soaster also analyzes your account activity using simple and easy-to-understand graphics.

Number of Followers

We don’t offer bot or fake followers for sale. What we do is provide you with a natural technique to boost your number of followers. Organic followers are real people who participate in Twitter actions like liking, commenting, and retweeting. They are the polar opposites of paid and bot users. It is simple to get a large number of followers by purchasing bot followers; however, if the quality of your audience is important to you, we recommend that you use Soaster.

After evaluating  your account activity with an Artificial Intelligence-powered algorithm, the system identifies accounts with similar interests, suggests you follow them during particular stages, and suggests other steps to take.

Interacting with real accounts boosts your engagement score, making it more likely for others to follow you. In the end, both in terms of quality and quantity, you will have a stable increase and growth in your audience.

How to grow your Twitter network using Soaster

First, sign up for a new Soaster account. You can also choose to sign up with your Twitter, Facebook or Apple account. The next step is adding your Twitter account to Soaster.

Sign up

After completion,

Click on “Settings” button. Select your topics of interest, so we will find people to follow who has similar interests.

Topics of interest

Then select the languages of the followers you would like to gain.


Fill in the keywords field relevant to your hobbies and interests if you would like Soaster to utilize your special keywords to search and attract new followers.


Once you are done, Soaster starts to recommend you organic accounts to follow.

Do not buy followers. It is a big risk to spoil Twitter rules, thus getting banned or suspended.

Get daily following recommendations

By clicking “Engagement Recommendations” button on your dashboard you can easily select real accounts to follow.

Recommended Follows” lists accounts relevant with your preferences defined at “Settings” option. Either select accounts and press “Add Following” or click on profile pictures to check them out on Twitter.


You can see accounts that Soaster advises you unfollow by using the “Recommended Unfollows” option. Pick them up, press “Add Unfollowing,” and they’ll be automatically removed. But if you want to keep following some of the accounts in the list, check them and click on “Keep Following”.